Emily and Austin

Join us in Highlands, North Carolina to celebrate our wedding weekend starting on

A note from the bride (and groom)

We can't tell you how excited we are to celebrate our wedding together with you. Austin and I met our senior year of college, back in 2016. While we spent a lot of time in the same circle that year, but it wasn't until the spring that we realized that there was any romantic interest. At first, it didn't feel like something that could be a reality. I was planning to head to Peru post-grad and he was on a different path. But that was a problem for another day - we were so happy, and after some of the best months of our lives and countless double bottles of red wine we found ourselves at our college graduation. Surrounded by our friends and family, and with our lifetime ahead of us, we both knew this wasn't something we would give up on.

Weeks later my plans for Peru fell through and Austin was headed across the country to Los Angeles for his first job. I will never forget as I sat with my parents over dinner on vacation and told them I wanted to move to LA, without a job, to live with him. Keep in mind this was after only a couple of months of being together. Instead of the expected (& reasonable) reaction of "you're nuts", they both took it in and by the end of the trip my mom and I had a cross-country road trip planned.

Since then, we trekked back across the country to NC, we spent an amazing year in Charlotte in our first apartment, we headed to NYC to experience life in the big apple, we came back to NC for refuge during covid, we established great careers, we purchased our first home, we expanded our family to include our puppy Chai, and the newest member (as of January), our kitty Earl, and much much more.

We have been so excited to spend the rest of our lives together from the start, and cannot wait to settle it throughout this weekend in a huge celebration with our friends and family. This brings us to now, and to us curating a weekend that is representative of how we would like to celebrate our future together. If you have been along for the wedding planning journey, you know that we have been through a few iterations. From backyard shindig, to Mexico extravaganza, and now to a mountain retreat. Throughout it all we came back to the same values for the weekend - to provide our friends and family a unique weekend experience centered around community. We want to spend time with you, and we want to do it over amazing food & drinks with some mountain views in the background and hopefully a pup or two running around.

Since we started planning, we have gotten the question multiple times about what is stressful about wedding planning. In the spirit of transparency, the only remaining stressor is whether the pricing of the rooms will cause financial stress to any of our guests. While we have worked with the venue to bring them down, we know it is still a financial commitment. Please reach out if you have any concerns on this element as we will discretely work out how to support your presence.

To wrap this up, we see this not only as a time to commemorate our love, but also an opportunity to celebrate & thank all of you for being on the journey with us so far & committing to supporting us going forward.

See you in the mountains!

with love, Emily & Austin